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The best open system

The TALON® system is the best total package open protocol building control system.

The TALON® system gives you all the advantages of a truly open system - optimized for HVAC control and building automation. With the flexibility to integrate LonWorks�, BACnet�, Modbus� and other communication protocols.

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TALON® Control System

Automated Controls Engineers is an industry leader in the field of implementing Automation Systems and their corresponding components. We bring decades of applicable experience combined with expert knowledge of the industries latest technology to every project. Our innovative design services are second to none with customer satisfaction paramount during the development phase.

Automated Control Engineers is an authorized representative for TALON® Control System - Open Systems Technology.

Open systems means controllers and applications run on a single platform, while interoperating with each other. No matter if those products come from different manufacturers, the TALON® system presents a consistent interface to the user.

Why we choose TALON®

Today's buildings are becoming increasingly complex. Building automation systems don't just control the basics. They regulate airflow, monitor energy use and are being called upon to integrate with security, lighting, and other systems throughout buildings to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

TALON ® system can help you get the most out of your building, today and tomorrow.

TALON® system allows us to:

Access Building Information from Anywhere
The TALON system's versatile user interface allows any authorized users to control their building environment from a Web browser or wireless Web device.

Control Your Energy Costs
You can actively manage your facility's energy consumption while maintaining an optimum work environment for building occupants.

Optimize Your Manpower
Email and pager equipment status alerts allow you to maximize fast response and minimize effort used managing building system information.

Preserve Your Legacy System Investments
The TALON control system has control system migration options to eliminate the need to replace already-installed controls.